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I'm Yoo-Jin, a UX/UI Designer and Illustrator, transforming digital products into intuitive and engaging user experiences that drive significant business growth.



Hello! I'm Yoo Jin, a graphic designer and illustrator from Seoul, South Korea. My design journey has spanned various arenas, from UI design and social media creation/management to logo development and intricate illustrations, with each project steeped in my comprehensive understanding of user experience, graphic design, and illustration.

A perpetual learner at heart, I am fueled by a steadfast passion for transforming complex information into easily comprehensible visuals. My academic foundation in illustration and semiotics, coupled with an unending desire to stay on top of the latest design trends and marketing strategies, keeps me at the forefront of the design world.

Beyond the professional realm, I enjoy delving into hobbies that add richness to my life. From devoting my time enriching the dogs at the shelter, experimenting in the kitchen with cooking and baking, to exploring the world around me, I cherish these moments that keep me balanced and inspired.



Interested in more details about a past project? Want to know more about my current endeavours? Feel free to leave a message using the form below to reach out directly or drop me an email. I would love to connect!

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