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Hello! I'm Yoo Jin, a Graphic Designer/Illustrator based in Orange County, California.



Hello! I'm Yoo Jin, a seasoned graphic designer and illustrator residing in the vibrant heart of Orange County, California. My design journey has spanned various arenas, from UI design and logo development to intricate illustrations, with each project steeped in my comprehensive understanding of illustration, media studies, and animation.

A perpetual learner at heart, I am fueled by a steadfast passion for transforming complex information into easily comprehensible visuals. My academic foundation in illustration and semiotics, coupled with an unending desire to stay abreast of the latest design trends and marketing strategies, keeps me at the forefront of the design world.

Beyond the professional realm, I delight in diverse hobbies that add richness to my life. From immersing myself in captivating books, experimenting in the kitchen with cooking and baking, to exploring the scenic expanses of Southern California, I cherish these moments that keep me balanced and inspired.

Ever ready to embrace a new challenge and keen to collaborate with like-minded professionals or clients, I welcome new opportunities. Whether it's an exciting project or just a friendly conversation about design, feel free to reach out at Let's create something remarkable together!



Ready to bring your new project to life with a creative and dynamic design approach? Interested in fostering a collaborative relationship that yields remarkable results? Let's embark on this creative journey together!


Use the form below to reach out directly or feel free to drop me an email. I would love to connect, discuss your ideas, and start our design collaboration. Let's transform your vision into reality, one design at a time!

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