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Website Renewal | UI Design | Brand Identity

Transforming the User Experience of a Global Skincare Brand: b.glen

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b.glen, a prominent Japanese/American skincare company based in Newport Beach, California, specializes in personalized skincare solutions. Founded on cutting-edge science and a passion for targeted skincare, b.glen utilizes patented QuSome technology to ensure deep skin penetration of active ingredients. With a focus on addressing specific skin concerns, b.glen has established a strong presence in the skincare industry.


Project Overview

Tasked with redesigning the US website for b.glen, my objective was to enhance the overall user experience while aligning with the brand’s ethos. This project presented an exciting opportunity to delve into the skincare industry and create a design that resonates with b.glen's clientele.


The primary challenge was to revitalize b.glen's digital presence to reflect its innovative approach to skincare. The existing website was outdated, and needed a more intuitive user interface with a design that spoke to the brand's unique identity and its scientifically-backed skincare solutions.

The pages had to be responsive, as 92% of the user base was accesing the website on mobile and 8% was accessing from a computer.  


The redesign process began with an in-depth analysis of b.glen's brand direction and target demographic – American women in their 30s-50s with an interest in preventative skincare. Collaborative brainstorming sessions with the b.glen team helped in crafting a cohesive brand narrative.


Key steps included:

  • Developing wireframes for the Homepage, Product List, and Product Detail pages.

  • Integrating brand-specific imagery and text to convey the unique value proposition of b.glen.

  • Selecting color schemes and imagery that reflected the brand's blend of tradition and innovation.

  • Continuous communication with the b.glen team to ensure brand consistency.


The redesigned website features a sophisticated, user-friendly interface that embodies b.glen's brand identity. The layout is clean and intuitive, with strategic placement of text and images to guide the user through the brand's story and product offerings. The color palette and visual elements were chosen to reflect both the modernity and scientific rigor of b.glen's approach to skincare.



Post-launch, the website witnessed a remarkable increase in user engagement:​

  • The user-friendly design resulted in an impressive 600% sales increase by June 2022 compared to 2019, and a continuous increase in 2023, indicating a successful enhancement in user interaction.

  • The new website successfully communicates b.glen's mission and facilitates an effortless skincare journey for its customers.

This project stands as a testament to the power of thoughtful UI/UX design in transforming a brand's digital presence and driving business success.

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