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Website Renewal | UI Design | Brand Identity

Transforming the User Experience of a Global Skincare Brand: b.glen

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Welcome to my journey with b.glen, a globally respected skincare brand. Their mission? To offer personalized skincare solutions that target specific skin concerns with potent, scientifically-developed ingredients. As a designer, I had the exciting opportunity to redesign their US website, significantly enhancing user experience and reinforcing brand identity.

About b.glen

Birthed from the fusion of cutting-edge science and personalized care, b.glen provides results customers once only dreamed of. Their secret? A patented technology called QuSome, developed by Dr. Brian Keller, ensuring active ingredients reach deep into skin layers where they're most needed.


The pages had to be responsive, as 92% of the user base was accesing the website on mobile and 8% was accessing from a computer.  


Embarking on the redesign of the Homepage, Product List page, and Product Detail page required a thorough understanding of b.glen's evolving brand direction. Together, we crafted a compelling brand story and message for their customers. Achieving this unified vision led to a smooth and effective design process.

The site was tailored to engage new customers—American women in their 30s-50s who prioritize preventative skincare. The challenge? Giving the website a sophisticated, fresh look, while also encapsulating the story of the brand's unique offerings: personalized skincare analyzers, trial sets targeting specific skin issues, and a simplified One Price Subscription program.

Creating Engaging Content

Armed with our established narrative, we began developing wireframes for the Homepage, the brand's digital front door. I collaborated closely with the marketing team and the CMO, ensuring each page effectively narrated the brand's customer-centric story: their unique skincare journey with b.glen.

As we refined the Homepage wireframe, we then focused on product-related pages. These pages were crafted to be straightforward and informative, detailing the products for potential customers.


Final Process & Results

With wireframes approved, we embarked on creating the final design, infusing the site with the refreshed brand identity established in an earlier project.

The outcome? A website that's not only easier to navigate and visually engaging, but also streamlined in its purchasing flow. The refreshed website appeals to customers new and old, illustrating b.glen's story and mission, enabling customers to embark on their skincare journey without any barriers.

Launched in early 2022, the website has proven its efficacy in tangible ways. By June 2022, sales had skyrocketed—rising by a stunning 600% compared to 2019. A testament to the power of compelling, user-centered design.

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