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Revitalizing the Landing Page for b.glen's Outreach Program: b.Jin

Client / 

bglen Japan


Role / 

Lead Designer & Developer


Year / 


I had the opportunity to collaborate with b.glen, a skincare brand uniting Japanese technology and American innovation, in revamping the landing page for their outreach program, b.Jin. The aim was to boost sign-ups while enhancing alignment with their existing brand identity.

About b.glen & b.Jin


Offering personalized skincare solutions for specific skin concerns, b.glen champions the notion that efficacy and dreaming big should go hand in hand. Their patented QuSome technology, developed by Dr. Brian Keller, ensures active ingredients penetrate deep into the skin where they are most effective.

b.Jin School (美人塾)

b.Jin, an initiative of b.glen Japan in collaboration with b.glen Salon, was previously an in-person beauty seminar. Transitioning to a webinar format in 2020, it educates customers on correct product usage and shares skin concern tips related to rotating themes.




Timeline & Process

The journey of transforming a responsive design for the landing page spanned about a month, inclusive of coding and publishing. Initial discussions centered on crystallizing the brand image and content.

Our goal was to craft a landing page that was both informative and desirable. We started with a simple layout, reserving spaces for brand photographs and text. Subsequently, we selected colors aligned with seasonality and theme, and chose photos that resonated with the brand's tone and voice. I applied photo manipulation techniques to generate images consistent with the brand identity. Once finalized, the designs were sent for coding and publishing.

Final Version & Reception

Upon submission of the final deliverable, we evaluated the revamped landing page's impact. Prior to the redesign, engagement averaged at 37 participants a session, reaching approximately 74% of full capacity.


Post-launch, we saw a dramatic surge—a 230% increase, with total sign-ups soaring to 176. The following two sessions, each capped at 50 participants, were fully booked in less than two hours. The revamped landing page, therefore, served as a powerful catalyst in augmenting engagement for b.glen's b.Jin program.

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