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Logo Design

Crafting the Visual Identity of GameCamp Korea 2022: A Fusion of Tradition and Modernity

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Microsoft Xbox 


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Logo Design


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I embarked on an inspiring journey with GameCamp, an international program for game developers hosted by Microsoft Xbox Game Studios. My task? Designing the captivating logo for GameCamp Korea 2022 that would embody the thrilling spirit of immersive learning, with a striking balance between contemporary and traditional Korean aesthetics.


About Xbox GameCamp

GameCamp, initiated by Xbox Game Studios in 2020, nurtures talent from every corner of the globe. It empowers individuals from marginalized communities and unconventional backgrounds, fostering their potential in the gaming industry, and cultivating robust gaming communities worldwide.




Early sketches

Timeline & Process

Over a month, from concept to completion, the project journey was paced yet intense. Our collaboration included three key meetings interspersed with continuous communication. We initiated with mood boards in the first week, sketches in the second, and devoted the last fortnight to refining and finalizing the deliverables.

In resonance with previous GameCamp logos, the team aspired for a design encapsulating the vibrant blend of gaming and Korean cultural elements. The logo needed to exude energy and fun, while aligning with GameCamp's established brand persona.


Design and Delivery

The final logo weaved in traditional patterns found in Korean royal palaces and architectural support beams. By simplifying the shapes, we reduced the overt traditional feel, while the use of bright colors infused a modern and welcoming appeal. This careful balance resulted in a design that was contemporary yet connected with Korea's rich heritage.

Following final revisions with the Xbox team, the logo came to life across various mediums. It was transformed into animated versions, featured on banners, and imprinted on goodies for participants like hoodies and tote bags. The logo thus became the visual pulse of GameCamp Korea 2022, reflecting the event's dynamic fusion of tradition and modernity.

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