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Illustration | Graphic Design

Pattern Studies: An Exploration of Whimsy within Repetition

Pattern design is a dynamic realm of graphic design, offering boundless versatility. From backgrounds and backdrops to accents and full garments, patterns can transform a design space with their distinctive charm. In this project, I have delved into an experimental series of pattern designs, unearthing the whimsical potential within repetitive forms.

About the Patterns and the Project

This collection of patterns serves as a playful exploration of themes, scale, and potential applications. Each pattern study is an imaginative journey, discovering the unexpected whimsy hidden within repetitive motifs.

By shifting scales, toying with colors, and experimenting with different themes, these patterns demonstrate the joy of design experimentation and the captivating allure of visual rhythm. This personal project stands testament to the creative breadth of pattern design and its powerful impact on visual aesthetics.

Client / 

Personal Project

Year / 

2022 - current

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