Personas and Storyboarding

A Study of the Coca Cola Vending Machine and its Users

UI/UX | Research

Fall 2017

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To create personas of Coca Cola vending machine users to gain a better understanding of different users and their conceptual models to aid in the improvement of user interface and user experience for the machine.

The vending machine at Design Center (30 North Main St, Providence, RI) is primarily located used by RISD students in the Graphic Design and Photography departments. Occasionally, family members or tour groups will go use it. In this study, I investigated different types of users who interact with the machine and created 2 personas that represent the different types of users.

Details on investigation process can be found in the full document HERE.

Liam's Conceptual Model of the Vending Machine
Liam's Interaction Storyboard
Linda's Conceptual Model of the Vending Machine
Linda's Interaction Storyboard