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Designing for the SoCal Street Food Experience

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Project Background

In the bustling streets of Southern California, where street vendors are a vibrant part of the urban landscape, I identified a unique opportunity. My project revolved around designing an app to bridge the gap between street vendors and customers seeking event catering services. This end-to-end project involved conducting user research, developing wireframes, creating high-fidelity prototypes, and finalizing the design, with a focus on user experience.


Research & Testing

The project kicked off with user interviews to pinpoint the pain points of both vendors and customers. The insights gained helped define the app's value proposition: a platform enabling users to search, filter, message, book, and pay street vendors directly. Usability testing was conducted at various stages to refine the app's functionality and ensure it met user needs effectively.

Google UX Design Certificate - Project 1 - Persona (1).jpg
Google UX Design Certificate - Project 1 - Persona.jpg

Personas & User Journey

Personas were developed to represent our key users, providing insight into their motivations and behavior. This led to the creation of user journey maps, detailing each step a user would take within the app to achieve their objectives, from finding a vendor to completing a booking.


Wireframes & High Fidelity Prototypes

The design process began with paper wireframes, transitioning to digital wireframes in Figma. These initial designs were tested and refined based on user feedback. The high-fidelity prototypes incorporated visual hierarchy, design elements, and branding, providing a realistic preview of the app’s look and feel.

Final Designs

The final design presents a sophisticated, user-friendly interface that encapsulates the excitement of event planning. The clean, intuitive layout and strategic placement of elements guide users effortlessly through the process of hiring street vendors. The color palette and visual design elements reflect the dual needs of excitement and organization inherent in event planning.

Going forward

As a concept project, it serves as a foundation for future development. Key areas for further exploration include:

  1. Vendor side app design: The app and usability requirements for vendors is very different from those of patrons. Addressing the needs and wants from the vendor side are also crucial to the app's success.

  2. Enhanced List Functionality: Delve deeper into user needs to streamline the process of searching and booking vendors.

  3. Social Media Integration: Most street vendors maintain active social media profiles. Integrating platforms like Instagram and Twitter into the app will provide users with real-time updates and a more immersive experience.


This project not only showcases my skills in UI/UX design but also highlights my ability to turn a concept into a viable product solution, addressing real-world needs in the community.

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