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Journey with Tommy and Sammy: An Exploration of Friendship and Adventure

As an independent passion project, I crafted the enchanting narrative of Tommy and Sammy's adventures. This venture gave me an opportunity to delve deeper into my artistic realms, showcasing my capabilities as an illustrator and visual storyteller through character design, away from the rigors of client-led projects.

The Characters and Their Story

Tommy is a vivacious young boy, brimming with curiosity and a love for adventures. His best friend, Sammy, though shy and reserved, would follow Tommy to the ends of the earth - such is the strength of their bond.

The inception of these characters stemmed from a shape exercise where I amalgamated varying shapes into unique silhouettes. As their designs unfolded, it was evident that these two had a story waiting to be told. I illustrated the pair in diverse styles to shed light on their distinct personalities and their dynamic relationship.

Project's Essence and Impact

This series of illustrations transcends the tale of Tommy and Sammy; it serves as a platform for continual exploration of illustrative style and medium. Each image not only breathes life into the characters' shared stories but also exhibits my versatility and depth as an illustrator. Through this personal endeavor, I have demonstrated my aptitude for weaving narratives into artwork, harnessing the power of visual storytelling to make characters come alive.

Client / 

Personal Project

Year / 

2017 - current

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