Visual Development

Environment Explorations: Exploration of different spaces
Sizzle: Revision of Cartoon Network Studios Intern Pitch, Summer 2016. Please email for full World Guide
Toymaker (WIP): 

Producer, Environment designer (bedroom), Props designer (carousel / circus tent), Storyboard Supervisor and Graphics Designer (picture book and wall drawings)

Short film in collaboration with modelers/set dressers/lighting team/SIM/animators:
Kenji Endo, Felege Gebru, Emily Reif, Emma Herold, Luci Coke, Vivian Morgowicz, Barb Meijer, Nellie Robinson, Ray Munoz
Aviation Academy: concept art

Baba Yaga : Assets for the tale Vaselisa the Beautiful. 


Teotihuacan (WIP): Assets inspired by the pre-historic Teotihuacan culture.

Permadeath, 2017: Worked as part of a visual development team for a video game opera, premiering early 2018. Completed preliminary iterations of Aphrodite and the Team Phoebus Temple. Storyboarded a section of the libretto, a drama-oriented scene before the final battle. See final designs here.